Jörg Scheffler Consulting

Business consulting | for strategies, marketing and sales

Sustainable growth

Consulting is not an end in itself. The goal of every consultation is a measurable added economic value. More profit, sales growth, higher market shares, improved image, higher customer satisfaction or increased awareness.

The focus of JÖRG SCHEFFLER CONSULTING is on creating sustainable growth through differentiation and competitive advantages.

My consulting is based on many years of professional experience in the management of market-leading dental companies, on an understanding of how their businesses and customers work. I offer hands-on consulting services in the areas of strategy, marketing and sales – practical and individually tailored to your needs. For companies, business areas or functional areas, but also for product launches or campaigns.

Analysing the situation

The most important step in determining a strategy is analysing the situation. The results of a carefully conducted analysis provide information about your current position in the relevant environment and identify potential risks and opportunities. This is about identifying in-depth insights into customers, competition, market trends and technological developments. Are there competitors with disruptive innovations, technologies or platforms that force them to regularly question and adapt corporate strategies and departmental and functional strategies? Finally, it is important to assess whether there are competitive advantages and how they can be maintained and expanded. If there are no competitive advantages, this is an important finding to work on.

Creating a competitive advantage

Competitive advantages are the essential prerequisite for lasting success! Once the strategy has been defined, measures must be planned and implemented with the aim of increasing corporate values and securing competitive advantages in the long term. The necessary competencies and resources for carrying out the relevant activities must be ascertained in detail. This includes the preparation of an implementation plan. In particular, decisions regarding product, price, sales and communication must be made during implementation. Appropriate measures must be taken to address the relevant target groups in the markets in accordance with the strategy. Finally, the measures must be implemented and success monitored and ensured.

Examples of strategic decision-making areas

Strategy consulting

  • Company, market and competition analysis
  • Strategic orientation
  • Strategy process
  • Target groups
  • Positioning
  • Product portfolio
  • Focus markets

Marketing consulting

  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing mix
  • Communication strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing organisation

Sales consulting

  • Sales strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Sales organisation
  • Target groups
  • Sales channels
  • Customer classifications/CRM
  • Compensation models
  • Key account management
  • Service